This week we had an interesting support case to fix and I thought I would share the finding in case someone else has the same problem we did.

One of our customers had a Qlik Sense server that needed to have Windows (Windows 2012 R2 x64) updates applied. After Windows Update had completed the server restarted and upon restart the Qlik Sense Repository service would no longer start.

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Analytics Team Meeting

Today, our business disruptions are higher than ever. Organizations are facing a constant battle for continued success and survival. One of the biggest battles is knowing how far your company is willing to go to get those data insights. 

We can...

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Literature flying from device


Here at BizXcel we provide a myriad of services to clients in order to make them better than they are today.   In the past, as a business analyst, I have been tasked with working with clients to define user requirements, understand...

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Man procrastinating looking at clock

We are now in February and it’s about time that all of those great intentions and New Year’s resolutions start to slip and we drift back to our old habits.  I count myself among the guilty.

However, if you resolved to get a better...

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LED bulb among traditional bulbs

In the summer of 2014, BizXcel packed up and moved office spaces; to a beautiful historic home in Downtown Brockville. Collectively as a team, we decided that in order to be efficient as a whole organization we needed to...

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We hear this so many times, “I know I need analytics and better reporting but I don’t know where to start”.  People feel overwhelmed with the task of either implementing analytics or improving what they have.  This being the...

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Female pulling spring setting over dry lands

Although data preparation is becoming valuable to organizations, there is too much time, complexity and cost going into the front end when the analyzation component is where your time should...

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Female tracking fitness progress

By now we have all heard of fitness trackers like the Fitbit and Smart Watches. For Christmas I received a...

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Man crouched down in front of Are You Ready sign

After creating many emails over the years about how to get up and started using Qlik as a developer, I thought it might be time to create a blog post that links to a...

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Santa Working on Rooftop

Yes, even Mr. Santa Claus himself uses data to determine who is on the naughty and nice lists. With all the kids in the world he needs some sort of monitoring and decision making...

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