Creating your own KPIs and performance indicators also means being careful in considering the types of behaviour you are going to create with the indicator.  As the saying goes, you achieve what you measure.  The act of measuring something means that we are placing focus on it and as a result we are pulled towards achieving it.  It can be easy to put in a performance indicator thinking it will...

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Have you ever had to use the response “Let me get back to you on that one?” in a meeting before?    Sometimes we simply don’t have the answer at hand to questions that arise in meetings.   Before uttering those words, were you tempted to supply some sort of vague answer in the hopes of appeasing the person asking the question, risking not only making yourself look bad but also providing...

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In order to create custom Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and their supporting indicators you have to plan on where you want to take your organization.  You need to look at where you have been, what your strategic objectives are and how you measure success of those objectives.   AND you have to have a clear understanding of the milestones that you must achieve on the way to those successes....

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Here at BizXcel, we just upgraded our Qlik Sense 1.1 server to Qlik Sense 2.0.1 and had a couple “growing” pains that I want to share and how to work around them.    The upgrade to Qlik Sense 2.0 was simple and didn’t produce any errors except that when we logged in the /hub no applications where visible to any users.  After reviewing the Apps section of...

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We hear it far too often. Your ERP system is not providing you with the quality reports you need so you’re shopping around to replace it or repair it. Guess what? You don’t need to do either! 

Your system should support your business plan and it should support your other software systems. Perhaps your ERP system was never a good fit from the start or...

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Should you be using industry standard KPIs to measure your organization’s performance or should you be creating custom KPIs in your Business Intelligence solution?

Industry measures are useful when comparing yourself to others in the industry but they don’t propel your organization toward your objectives.  Industry measures and benchmarks tend to be a target number for the industry...

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Qlik Sense comes with a great tool called the Master Library… which I personally really enjoy using. I use it in every Sense app that I build and when I switch back into Qlikview it’s a feature that I truly miss. When we are showing off Qlik Sense to clients and new users it’s a feature that always gets high praise and that people get excited about. There are...

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My daughter has a fascination with the ‘new’ Sherlock Holmes…the 21st Century portrayal of the famous detective by Benedict Cumberbatch.   Actually, I believe she has more of a fascination with the actor than with the character, but we will leave that for another blog post.

We were reviewing famous quotes of Sherlock Holmes the other day after watching an episode and...

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I was recently speaking with a prospect and was asked the question, “why would a company want or need BI?”  In my response I indicated several reasons including the fact that companies looking to improve efficiency would benefit from BI.  To this I got a somewhat confused look and the question, “How is a Business Intelligence solution going to make the operation more efficient?”

So the...

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Tradeshows. We love them! It’s a lot of work but they pay off.

It’s nice to have a change of scenery and show off your booth to thousands of individuals. A lot of work goes into setting up your booth, despite what you may think with it being a 10 x 10 space. It’s the nitty-gritty work of loading, unloading, setting up the booth and making sure you have...

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