I recently had the opportunity to install a basic version of the Qlik Sense server platform for the first time. This particular installation was setup as a single Qlik Sense node environment with all services installed on the same machine. Overall I found the installation fairly straightforward and I only ran into 1 issue, which was entirely my own fault and could have been avoided with a bit...

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How often are you on auto-pilot while sitting at your desk?   Click here.  Check that.  Balance those figures.  Glass of water.  Repeat.   You may get so comfortable in your tasks, that you never question why you are doing the things you do.   Or, you may get so comfortable that you start skipping steps.

But what happens when this comfort level or...

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Over the past while I have been on a bit of a Web Services kick with Qlikview. Unfortunately for me the software’s standard GET connection didn’t really allow me to return much data directly into Qlikview.   I was running across a couple of different issues…either the Web Service returned JSON or it required a POST command.   As Qlikview does not support these types of services, I had to do...

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Traditionally we think of decision makers as being the executives, managers and supervisors in the organization and usually in that order.  But are they?

Let’s not take anything away from them.  They are making critical decisions everyday on the direction of the organization.  The higher we go the more strategic those decisions are.  But what about the person that makes the small...

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Qlik has recently launched a second Business Intelligence tool, Qlik Sense, to complement its already award winning QlikView tool. Some might ask why they would do this. Qlik Sense brings Business Intelligence to groups that have been asking for more access but may struggle with more traditional tools. There are many users that are looking to do more for themselves and need a self-serve...

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“But how am I supposed to know what they want if they don’t tell me how they feel?”

This was the question I was asked during a coaching session with a supervisor the other day. She had received good marks on her feedback survey from her staff, but like most managers, there were a few areas that could use improvement. 

The difficult part was, there were...

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We’ve always believed strongly that people are the competitive advantage of organizations today. Not just bodies through the doors though, but rather people who believe in the work they are doing and find meaning in it; people who are enabled to learn and grow both professionally and personally; people who feel like they have a voice at their organization and control over their work.


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No organization should be left in the dark when it comes to their data - both how to use it and how to store and access it. BizXcel, Server Cloud Canada and OnServe are pleased to offer a workshop on November 20th to help you see more clearly so you can utilize your data better...

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Networking is the name of the game, so we’re back on the road travelling to Kitchener to be an exhibitor on November 18th (from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm) at the 2014 Business Expo. 

Come and check out our booth – no excuses, because it’s free to the public! And if that isn’t a good enough reason then let us tell you that local restaurants and caterers will be giving FREE samples of food! AND...

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We’ve booked up our calendar for tradeshows, conventions and webinars over the next few months. On November 12th and 13th our Sales Department will be heading off to the 88th Annual Ontario Trucking Association Convention at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto. 

This convention is for trucking owners and managers where they gather together to gain knowledge, share inspiration and have a...

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