How often do you find yourself looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack when trying to solve a problem? What if when looking for that needle, you find that there’s a veritable pin cushion of needles buried deep within that haystack that you’re at risk of pricking yourself on? Does this notion excite you? If not, then should it?


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If you are like most of us, traditional reporting has never given you everything you want and need. More often than not, the reports answer some of your questions, but once you’ve reviewed them, you have even more questions.

Traditional reporting is designed for one purpose and once it’s fulfilled, that particular report adds no further value. In today’s constantly...

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Seth Godin wrote an interesting post about building tribes, communities and organizations that people feel are worth taking care of and worth fighting for. He says one of the key aspects of that is making people feel like they belong.

Godin says that people need to feel an ownership towards...

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We all know that data is no longer an option when it comes to running an organization. However, understanding and gaining value from your information is a feat in itself – one that many organizations are struggling with.

Many people feel a bit like Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland – having fallen into another world where nothing makes sense.

But the...

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We all know that data is providing organizations with the competitive edge they need to stay ahead in aggressive markets, whether it’s contributing to improving their sales and marketing, keeping their operations lean or allowing decision-makers to see the full picture to propose strategy moving forward.

However, gathering large amounts of any and all data isn’t the...

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Trust. Like honesty, integrity, and respect, it’s a word we often throw around, but it carries some heavy weight. Trust is something we don’t take lightly. We wouldn’t go to a doctor we didn’t trust, we switch mechanics when we lose trust and relationships fall apart when it’s lacking, however, when it comes to the workplace it would seem that we tolerate a surprising level of distrust.

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Have you ever considered how commitment affects your relationships in the workplace? Our thoughts and behaviour towards other people are dependent on how committed we are to them (and vice versa).

Our CEO and corporate consultant, trainer and speaker, Gary Gzik describes this in his Levels of Commitment Model.


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I recently watched a presentation by Simon Sinek called “Reconnect with Why”. It was about how good leadership establishes a system of trust in the workplace and how strong leaders foster natural organization and cooperation.

In this talk, he discussed what makes a great leader, and great organizations, and I wanted to pass it along to you. While the...

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It’s time to celebrate at BizXcel Inc. as we welcome a new employee to the team! Kiruthigadevi Subramaniam is our newest addition as a Business Analytics Specialist.


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Some days it seems like I come into work, sit down at my desk, fire up my computer and start reading through my email and then it's two hours later and I'm wondering what I've done. 

Oh, I've done some things. I had an impromptu meeting about a project. I chatted with a co-worker who stopped by my office. I started some work and then stopped to...

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