How many stories do you remember from your childhood? I bet you can think of at least a dozen off the top of your head. And I bet you can tell me the specifics of each of those stories. 

Now how many reports and presentations can you remember from the last year at work? You probably couldn’t tell me the specifics of even one. 

Why is it that you can remember details from stories...

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Being a leader means spending a lot of time making decisions.

You know how important it is to have the data you need for decision-making. However, data alone often isn't enough for a decision to be made. 

Decision-making is a complicated process. Everyone has a different method for making decisions they are confident with. Throw several people together who need to agree on one...

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The other day I was walking downtown in a hurry (much like I always am). I had a big report due and was spending my entire week at this quaint coffee shop. 

I plan every minute of my day. So when anything out of the ordinary throws me off my schedule, I panic. 

This day I walked the same route and passed the same woman sitting in a store front nook. She had bare feet, tussled...

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Success in business depends on good observation skills and being aware of what’s going on around you. Changes in the economy, your industry, with you competitors or within your own company can happen quickly and you need to be agile and able to respond quickly. 

Fancy you have good observation skills? Take the test below and find out how you measure up.


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Today, having actionable information is the key to competitive advantage. Industries have been improving everything they can on the machine side. They have invested and leveraged their people. These were the roads to competitive advantage, but with everyone doing this, new avenues must be found.


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After the last time we chatted, I got a bit of a hard time from my co-workers regarding my announcement that pin cushions and needles excite me. OK, so when I say it like that, the harmless jibes may have been well deserved. Of course, if you read my last article, you’ll know I wasn’t talking about real pin cushions. I was talking about the nasty bits of bad data one can find when you start...

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Portland, Oregon – 1972

A young college dropout wanders into a calligraphy class at Reed College. He becomes fascinated with the art form and starts studying it fervently. It becomes his obsession for the next 18 months.

At this time, Reed College offers some of the highest quality calligraphy instruction in the country, every poster, every drawer on the campus features...

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Company A came to us looking for team building training. They had set up a committee and wanted to plan a day that was fun and upbeat.

We were all for it, our team loves getting creative and organizing team building days. 

We discussed dates and times, themes, ideas and activities.

They were happy, we were happy. 


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Remember those mood rings you had as a kid? The gaudy ones that “magically” changed colour depending on the mood you were in?

Maybe you even gave one to your secret crush hoping it would change to the colour representing love when you were around – indicating his/her undying 10-year-old love for you.


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Are you getting the most out of your investment in business intelligence? A common misconception in the corporate world is that to increase the value of your business intelligence efforts, you just need to throw more data at it.

Purchasing data, tying it to big data, doing more analysis – these are all strategies that are often deployed. However, if you are not maximizing what you...

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